A Glossary Of Terms Used In GoodIdeaGuys.com

MSDS – Form containing data about the properties of a particular substance. usually focusing on possible hazards

Alkaline – Battery chemistry based on the use of potassium hydroxide

Edison connector – Electrical connector used on extension cords that was originally designed by Thomas Edison

IEC connector – Electrical connector used on computer and electronic equipment

Wireless microphone – A microphone that transmits its output to a sound system without the use of a microphone cable

Glazed tie line – Cotton cord that is coated with a waxy material so that it will hold knots

Hoop tape – Colored cloth or vinyl tape used for decorating hula hoops

Route setting tape – Cotton cloth tape used for marking routes on climbing walls

Gaffers tape – Cotton cloth tape that uses a synthetic rubber adhesive

UL Approved – Approval of a product by Underwriters Laboratory, an independent testing agency

Sub snake – A single cable designed to carry multiple microphone signals

XLR connector – A multipin connector designed for connecting audio equipment