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Hang On To Those Tiny Parts-Use A Strip of Duct Tape

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Disassembling any sort of machinery-auto, computer, appliance, etc., quickly creates a pile of small parts, any one of which can be crucial to getting the device working again. Rather than risking losing one of them, put a piece of duct or gaffers tape, sticky side up on your work bench, and place those small parts […]


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Pro Audio Video Production Tips

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Sometimes Friction Is A Good Thing views: 1079

We spend a lit of our time and energy trying, literally and figuratively, to reduce friction. Friction tape is for just the opposite.  That is, increasing friction.  In this case, the word “friction” is a synonym for “grip”. When you need to insure a slip proof grip on a tool, say a hammer handle, or […]

White Extension Cords views: 1015

When doing power distribution in a special event tent, there is no substitute for white extension cords. Click here for a great selection.

Mic Stand Scratched? This Quick Fix Just Needs A Grease Pencil views: 1049

Our black mic stands at have tough powder paint finishes, but any stand in heavy use is going to show some wear. You can quickly fill in small scratches and paint blemishes with a black grease pencil and make the stand look good as new.  

Use Duct Tape Tabs For Cable Storage-With No Adhesive Residue! views: 991

Lifehacker has a great tip for making cable management ties, using a material that is normally never recommended for cable management-duct tape. Usually, securing cables with duct tape will lead to adhesive residue when the tape is removed.  Holds well, but leaves a mess when the cable is unsecured. By cutting a piece of tape […]