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This Clever Trick Solves A Big Problem

Like so many things in pro audio, the mounting hardware for speakers that go on tripods is not standardized. Some major speaker manufacturers use a 1 3/8″ mounting hole. Other’s have adopted a 1 1/2″ fitting.


We were in the sound system rental business for many hears and had speakers that used both sizes. Consequently, making sure that a rental customer had a compatible-sized tripod was always a problem.

OnStage Stands solved this problem in a really cleaver way. The inside tube of the tripod is 1 3/8″ on one end and 1 1/2″ on the other. You just pull the inner tube out of the tripod and flip it over if the size is wrong.

These stands feature all aluminum tubing, and unbreakable fittings. They’ve got a tough black powder coat finish and adjust to heights up to 80 in. They’ll support speaker loads up to 120 lbs. regardless of the size of the mounting hardware. SPEAKER_STAND

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