Extension Cord Elmo Tips – How To Safely Use Extension Cords

Unplug cords when not in use.  Extension cords continue to conduct electricity even when nothing is plugged into the outlet.

Never use a damaged extension cord.  Damaged cable jackets can expose you to an uninsulated electrical conductor.

Buy extension cords with outlet covers whenever possible Always use covers on any unused outlets.

Don’t modify the blade shape on extension cord connects.  Some extension cords have dissimilar blades on the connectors to assure they are plugged into electrical outlets correctly.

Don’t force plugs into outlets that don’t fit easily.  Older model electrical outlets may not accept the plugs of new extension cords. Replace these older wall outlets.

Don’t cover extension cords with rugs.  Extension cords will become hot when used beyond their rated capacity. This may create a fire hazard.

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