Good Idea Jeff Tips – Weatherproofing Outdoor Events

weather proofing

1. Use proper extension cords

Extension cords used outdoors should be properly grounded.

2. Anticipate standing water

Identify low lying areas and avoid using them for important parts of your event.

3. Get accurate weather forecasts

Here’s a link to one of our favorite weather sites

4. Secure items against high winds.

Get ready before the wind starts blowing by securing items with wire ties and ball bungees .

5. Secure items against high winds

“Slip proof” stages and steps with anti-slip tape.

6. Waterproof sound equipment

Microphones can still be used in light drizzle by waterproofing with a plastic bag.

7. Seal connections

Extension cord and sound cable connections can be waterproofed with gaffers tape.

8. Identify “Danger” Areas

Mark areas as “off limits” with barricade and striped safety tape.