Good Idea Jeff Tips – Where Did Those Guys Come From? Bill Harrison

Where Did Those Guys Come From?

bill harrison

All the characters who who host our and web sites come from the pen of Bill Harrison, a syndicated cartoonist whose work appeared in places like the The Saturday Evening Post, Parade Magazine and newspaper comics pages from coast to coast during the 1950’s and ’60’s.

Later, Bill started Harrison Publishing Co. and applied his unique illustration talents and sense of humor to greeting card design.

Bill is no longer with us, but his designs live on as our host characters, now animated by Bill’s son Greg.

These unique drawings, originally done with a pen dipped in India ink, translate in a unique manner to web graphics and animation.

Salesmen all, guys like Mic Stand Mike, Tape Tex, Battery Barney and Extension Cord Elmo are ready to provide good information and “Satisfaction Guaranteed” service. Just give them a click!

We are pleased to have made their aquaintance.