Mic Stand Mike Tips – Glossary of Mic Stand Terms

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Here is A Handy Glossary of Mic Stand Terms

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Straight Stand
A Mic Stand that is adjustable in height but has no other adjustments.
The microphone mounts directly on top of the stand.
Straight stands can have heavy metal round bases or folding tripod bases.
Boom Stand
The addition of boom arm to the top of a straight stand makes the mic stand a “boom stand”.
The microphone mounts at the end of the boom, allowing more flexibility in mic placement.
Boom arms are available in both adjustable and fixed length models.
Desk Stand
A short version of a “straight stand” designed to sit on a desk or table top, rather than on the floor.
Straight stands are available in both adjustable and fixed height models.
Goose Neck
An flexible metal arm that mounts on the end of a mic stand (straight or desk) to give additional flexibility in mic placement.
The microphone is mounted on the end of the goose neck.
Goose necks are available in multiple lengths.
Mic Clip
A plastic clip that mounts on the end of a straight stand, boom stand, or desk stand to hold the microphone.
Mic clips are available in a number of different sizes in order to accommodate different microphone designs.
The mic clip is normally sold with the microphone rather than the microphone stand.

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