Mic Stand Mike Tips – Guide To Mic Stands Needed To Mic A Drum Kit

Need to Mic A Drum Kit?  Every sound person has their favorite set of drum mics.  Here is a guide to the microphone stands that you will need to get the job done right!

Snare Mic-(OS16)-Short Adjustable Boom Stand The triangular base and low profile mic stand lets you get to the top drum head without being in the way of the drummer.

Hi Hat-(OS14)-Straight Stand with A (OS24) Goose Neck Use a 13″ Goose Neck with a straight stand for precise mic placement

Straight stand

Rack Toms-(OS12)Adjustable Boom Arm Boom Stand For Each Tom The adjustable boom arm lets you place the mic adjacent to the drum head.

Floor Toms-(OS16)A Short Adjustable Boom Mic Stand For Each Drum The tripod bases allow these stands to fit easily among cymbal stands and drum legs.

Kick Drum-(OS31)-U Base Short Boom Stand the low profile, small base stand allows you to get the mic completely inside of the drum without taking up too much floor space.

Overheads-(SHS13) One Fixed Length Boom microphone Stand For Each Side of The Kit long boom arms allow for overhead mic placement anywhere in the drum kit area.