Mic Stand Mike Tips – Guide To Mic Stands Needed To Mic A Drum Kit

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Need to Mic A Drum Kit?  Every sound person has their favorite set of drum mics.  Here is a guide to the microphone stands that you will need to get the job done right!

Snare Mic-(OS16)-Short Adjustable Boom Stand
The triangular base and low profile mic stand lets you get to the top drum head without being in the way of the drummer.
snare drum stand from goodbuyguys.com
Hi Hat-(OS14)-Straight Stand with A (OS24) Goose Neck
Use a 13″ Goose Neck with a straight stand for precise mic placement

Hi hat mic stand from goodbuyguys.com

Rack Toms-(OS12)
Adjustable Boom Arm Boom Stand For Each Tom
The adjustable boom arm lets you place the mic adjacent to the drum head.

rack tom stand from goodbuyguys.com

Floor Toms-(OS16)
A Short Adjustable Boom Mic Stand For Each Drum
The tripod bases allow these stands to fit easily among cymbal stands and drum legs.

floor tom stand from goodbuyguys.com

Kick Drum-(OS31)-U Base Short Boom Stand
the low profile, small base stand allows you to get the mic completely inside of the drum without taking up too much floor space.

kick drum stand from goodbuyguys.com

One Fixed Length Boom microphone Stand For Each Side of The Kit
long boom arms allow for overhead mic placement anywhere in the drum kit area.

overhead mic stand from goodbuyguys.com

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