Mic Stand Mike Tips – Make Your Own Mic Multi Cable

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Cut Set Up Time With A “Do It Yourself” Mic Snake

Wiring a stage with mic cables can be time consuming and confusing. If you duplicate the same set up over and over, then a mic sub snake is what you need. These are availableoff the shelf“, but you can make one of your own.

Here’s what you need:

A microphone cable for each mic in your setup (preferably all the same size)

Some wire ties or One Wrap Straps

Label tape and a Sharpie Marker

1. Label each cable with the same number both ends with label tape (1/2/3/etc.)

2. Bundle the cables together to make a single group

use wire ties if you don’t expect to add more cables later

-use One Wrap Straps for a snake that can have cables added or removed

Hosa Mic Multicable from oodbuyguys.com

Don’t have time to make your own mic snake?

You can get a really nice one here!

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